My Trail of Breadcrumbs to Yahs LuniSolar Calendar

Although my history of visiting the study of God's Feasts goes back to about 1999, it has been more intense the last couple of years, and certainly more recently. I'm sure with a little more reconstructing of notes, journal entries, etc, it will clearly show the path I am only now beginning to see.

A more noticeable interest in the feasts blipped on the radar around 2005, but soon waned (how's that for a term in the vernacular?).

In February and March of 2007, my curiosity became rather intense for some reason, and that is the period when most of my files on the feasts and biblical calendar are dated. Interest waned again, until another period beginning mid-2008 started what one might call a "faucet-drip" that probably couldn't be fixed without calling the "plumber." My files and folders indicate that I actually discovered the lunar Shabbat during this time, but didn't recognize it.

In the first part of 2009, it starts to get really interesting, particularly around the beginning of the biblical year.  Although I had never written anything down previously about the calendar and keeping dates, I noted Abib 1 March 27 in my journal .  I had forgotten this until I started doing this breadcrumb research. (Bear in mind I don't have a clue what I'm actually doing with the biblical calendar at this point.)

On April 3, the Robert Stearns dream video about God's calendar appears. This is probably a result of doing more research on the lunar calendar.

On April 10, still clueless of what I'm doing with the biblical calendar, I get the closest thing I can find to unleavened bread (thin wafer crackers) and some Welch's grape juice, and I observe my first meaningful Passover; just me and Him, alone in my apartment. I guess I don't have to tell you how spiritual this celebration was to me. I've previously told some of you about remembering this after the fact.

On the evening of May 8, at the threshold of the full moon, and almost exactly one month to the day, I discover information about the lunisolar calendar the SDA connection. Enter the "firehose" as you all have called it. (I can relate to this since I spent nearly 8 years as a municipal firefighter)

You know the rest after that, as the inquiry emails started going out to you all a couple of days later.

On May 25, for the first time, I deliberately watched, observed and photographed my first visible crescent of the new moon. I also realize that I have been more drawn to photograph the moon in the last 3 years. I have several moon and astronomy programs on my computer, but one in particular is oriented toward photography. I began to use that program more in early 2006. Since then I have photographed some awesome full moons, as well as others. I included a link to a set of harvested moon photos on my photo blog to share with you. I hope you enjoy.

Harvest Of Moon Photos

Since that time, it has been non-stop study of an almost overwhelming nature at times. But it has been rewarding at the same time. There is so much to be learned from Yah's word and His system of timekeeping