Monday, June 27, 2011

What is the True Count to Pentecost?

Count to Pentecost: Re-Examined
It's not where we think!

After a reasonably thorough study of the count to Pentecost, or the count to the Feast of Weeks, it is my conclusion that Pentecost is not where we have traditionally pinpointed it and kept it, in the 3rd month (Sivan), on the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th day, depending on whose rules you used and how you do the count. 

This count, and the day it results on, using the traditional count, have never made much sense to me, as it doesn't occur on a day of any significance other than the first day of the week, the day following "seven Sabbaths complete." So these seemingly insignificant points have kept me troubled until I set about to study it out to conviction. 

Another contradiction in the count has to do with the calendar you use. If you don't use the correct calendar, the lunar-solar calendar of scripture, you won't find the correct day. Here's is what I've found. And I reserve the right to be corrected if necessary.

When is the REAL Pentecost?

Pentecost is actually found on the 29th day of the 4th month, a Shabbat; the last Shabbat of the 4th month. This is the day that Aaron declared in Exodus 32:5, that "tomorrow is a feast." He made this declaration on the day before the feast, the 28th day of the 4th month, the day that the "count 50 days" ends. This word feast, is "chag," one of the 3 appointed feasts of the year that all were supposed to appear before YHWH. Since the Feast of ULB occurred when they left Egypt, and the Feast of Tabernacles is yet in the fall, that leaves only one other Feast this could be; the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost.

In order to determine the correct count, there are several things that have to be examined. First is the count of the days that are mentioned in Exodus, beginning in Chapter 19, on the day the Israelites arrived at the mount. One needs to pay close attention to the days that are numbered and listed there, including the 40 days and 40 nights that Moses was in the mount. Some of these days mentioned are very subtle and can be easily missed.

There are other factors involved in the correct count to Pentecost, including the "agricultural" aspect, which Yah's entire feast calendar plan is based on. There is also a correlation between the number of 3000 souls that died on the same day as there were 3000 saved in the New Testament.

I will be working on a paper to post here, detailing this re-examined count to Pentecost, so I won't go into a lot of detail right now. I would encourage each of you reading this to begin this study for yourselves. Begin reading at Exodus chapter 19, and read through chapter 32. You may want to skip over the instructions for all the commandments, statutes, judgments, etc, if you are in a hurry to find just the count.

And, next months calendar will reflect Pentecost on the day that is pinpointed in scripture. 

If you are interested, I have found two excellent studies that I am willing to send if you will send me your email. I also plan to link these studies in a future post.

May YHWH bless each of you as you continue to seek His whole truth.

Friday, June 3, 2011

3rd Month Sivan YHWH's Calendar June-July 2011-2012

This calendar was revised on Jun 28 2011 to show 30 days in the 3rd month. Although Pentecost has been studied and found to be in the 4th month, it is left in place here in the traditionally understood date.
NOTE: Pentecost is shown on the traditional Jewish Calendar date of Sivan 9 (sunset June 10 to sunset June 11), without including man-made Judaic POSTPONEMENTS. Pentecost timing is still under consideration by this author, as there exists the possibility that Pentecost occurs in the 4th month during harvest. Scriptural and logical arguments are made on both sides. Study of Pentecost still under review.