Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Moon Visible Crescent and the Pleiades April 16, 2010

The new lunar crescent on April 16 2010 and it's visual proximity to the Pleiades, signaled the first month of the biblical year 2010-2011. A similar scene was also seen on March 20 2010 when the moon and its' visual relationship to the Pleiades signaled the need for the insertion of a 13th month for last year. The need for the 13th month was also signaled by the new moon for the 13th month occurring before the turn of the year from winter to spring on March 20 2010. Although the Pleiades appears very similar to the little dipper (Ursa Minor), it is not. The little dipper was high in the sky to the north at the same time this scene took place.

Below is an image from the Stellarium astronomy program showing the relationship of the moon and the Pleiades on March 20 2010

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