Monday, March 24, 2014

1st Moonth Abib (April) 2014-2015

 1st Moonth Abib (April) 2014-2015

How many days in the "feast" of Unleavened Bread?

You will notice on the attached calendar that the 15th day is the only day labeled as the "feast." Careful study will reveal that the 1st day of the feast, or the 15th day of the 1st month, is the only actual day that is called a "chag," "feast," or appointed time.  

So what are the other days of Unleavened Bread? If we follow the format given in scripture, "work 6 days, rest 1, or on the 7th day Shabbat, is the command given." So are the other 6 days of the Days of Unleavened Bread, actually "work" days? I believe so. Check it out for yourselves and see what you discover.

Blessings to each of you as you prepare to enter the appointed times of the new Biblical Year, and celebrations with our Saviour.

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  1. Blessings Paul!

    I have been studying our Heavenly Father's calendar for two years now and have got myself in a little confusion and stumbled into your site.

    It relates to the constellations and sky markers that Moses would have seen compared to what we may see in our sky today due to the wobble and the movement of the equinoxes out of the original ( for moses) of Aries and Libra....
    With the sun now being in Pisces during the equinox, I looked at a chart and saw where then sun won't enter Aries until mid April- May normally and nowhere near the equinox.
    Are your models showing the sun in Aries in early April because I see your calendar notes Gregorian April 1 as new moon day ( which I was seeing too)
    But I saw where the sun wouldn't be in Aries at a new moon until late April. And the same was modeled for a late October, November Libra alignment in the fall.

    I can see how the age of the fishes ( pisces ) for the church age and fishers of men as a divine message by our Heavenly Father but I am struggling with history saying the sun was in Aries for passover.
    How do I reconcile the wobble or is the program I am using wrong and the sun will be in Aries in a couple days?

    Thanks for any insight!
    May He Bless You More