Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunrise Reckoning of the scriptural day and the Day of Atonement


  1. This is all new to me. So brother explain it to me how exactly the day of Atonement is to be kept according to your understanding of scripture

  2. Hello Heide;
    Not sure if you are asking the how or the time frame. I believe Day of Atonement is observed from sunset at the end of the 9th day to sunset at the end of the 10th day, using sunset to sunset reckoning. If this is not the answer to your question, click on my email link near the upper right of the page and send me an email directly. Blessings Paul

  3. Shalom to you Paul W. Puckett:
    You are correct that the Day of Atonement is observed from sunset at the end of the 9th day to sunset at the end of the 10th day.
    You are correct when you said "I believe" because it is really just your own belief for the Scriptures shows that the correct reckoning of day is "sunrise to sunrise".
    The diagram you posted is correct. There is no problem with that.
    You just have to understand that a deeper study of the Scriptures would open your mind on the reality that according to the Scriptures... the day (yom) is separate from night (layla).
    That means... the Sabbaths (including all the feasts) are all celebrated, Scripturally, at day time only. That's why it ends at sunset of the 10th day. (Night is always resting time. No ordinary person would work at night during those times because electricity is not yet discovered.)
    Except, on cases where night is involved (like that of fasting during Yom Kippur) it is always indicated in the Sriptures.
    Why fasting starts at the night of the 9th day? Because your stomach should be empty at the start of the 10th day so that you will experience the agony of fasting. If fasting is not commanded in the previous night (of 9th day), then you can eat anytime between sunset and before sunrise of the 10th day. If that happens, then your are not really fasting but merely digesting the whole day. (Studies show that food is digested in 12 hours.) What's the purpose of fasting if your stomach is not empty? That's cheating.
    I hope I helped you find the answer to concern of yours.