Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Two Passovers in a Sunrise Reckoning of the Biblical Day

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Many Lunar Sabbatarians today have or are adopting the reckoning of the Biblical Day that begins at sunrise. In addition, many of those observe 12 hours for Shabbat, instead of the 24 hours that many of us have been taught. Which is correct? Does the scriptural day begin at sunrise or sunset? Is Shabbat to be observed for 12 hours or 24? Does night come before day, or is it the other way around?

The chronology surrounding the Passover, Exodus, and the Crucifixion may provide some answers as to how the Biblical day should be reckoned. At the least, the timing and chronology of the events point out some unavoidable problems with sunrise reckoning. 

In the end, there are some chronology problems that happen with the sunrise reckoning that simply cannot be ignored.

The link provided below is for a paper that reveals some very interesting manipulation of scripture that is necessary in an attempt to make the sunrise reckoning of the day credible.

Please feel free to point out errors, omissions, unscriptural claims, etc.


  1. when taking into consideration all the Scriptures concerning Pesach, one comes to a conclusion that a day must i fact start at sunrise. I am completely convinced in my mind through what I have studied. I am willing to share this study with whomever and I will gladly take any Scriptural corrections. Shalom

  2. Anonymous; Please feel free to send your study.

  3. The eye measure of the Bible solar days of God is measured first with the first whole dark period, starting with the evening or early dark, followed by the start of morning to make the first created one whole light period of the day God names in the Hebrew "Yom Echad."
    (The shortest day in the entire Bible is made during the crucifixion of the Christ our Passover victim. The miracle of three hours of a world wide dark followed by three hours of light make the shortest day in the Bible. The shortest miracle day of God in the Bible cannot be celebrated but instead The resurrection moment of our Passover victim is to be celebrated at early dark on day one.)

    "In the Beginning" it was God who created the Dark (Isa 45:7). The dark is continuous when compared to the great lights the heavens "occults" or blinks on and off. To make a planet the gases explode into the stars must occult burn out and then relight on and off as more gases are attracted by the great gravity of the star being born. The creation of Dark matter was created before the light (Gen. 1:1-3). The first three days of creation were not solar or sun-days as is falsely translated. The sun, moon and stars were not created until the fourth day of creation (see verse 14). Then the first day of creation is impossible to be a solar day or a Sunday. We know for a fact the first day of creation was not a solar day because the creation record declares only the earth was created on the first day. We can observe the scientific fact that the earth was set on fire to occult to create this most beautiful of all planets. It is altogether possible that all the first seven days of creation were only Dark to light "earth days" measure to begin from the evening or early dark and not our modern solar days. All Bible days of God are to be measured from the beginning of the dark. All great blessing for all mankind, all great miraculous times event of God and all the set times of the memorials of God are to made and observed only in the dark.

    See "Awesome supper times of God"

  4. My friend you need to restudy from the ancient languages of the Bible and not from your false Bible mistranslators. God created His awesome Bible miraculous set time events, the set time for the harvest of a certain common variety of wheat (Pentecost) and the lunations of the moon are all designed by God to prove to the most doubtful that the Bible is from God. Only God could have made these awesome time events to parallel to one another at the resurrection moment at early dark on day one of the Sabbaton.

    To know the true times events of God is the only "bullet proof" signs that prove the Bible is from God. Remove these signs of time and it cripples the entire gospel record.

    In Bible mistranslation by the disciples of Satan they remove all these great signs of the true time events of God and all true times that God has set to worship Him. The true actual resurrection moment of Christ was at "early dark on day one of the Sabbaton" this resurrection moment parallels the very moment of creation of the universe and is mistranslated by most all Bible translators as a sun rise resurrection to parallel the rising of the pagan rising of the sun god.

    My friend your time problem is with the Bible translators who falsely translate the natural eye observed Bible time as our modern artificial time made with instrument such as clocks. The infinite God of the Bible did not use artificial time keeping that is mistranslated into the Bible records which is nothing less than the work of Satan and his disciples.
    See free book Bible Time Conspiracy

  5. Bill;

    Thanks for your comments. I'm not quite sure why you seem to be taking me to task, when it seems we are more in agreement than not. At least from what I can tell from your text.

    Maybe you misunderstood the point that I was attempting to convey in the article, that being that a sunrise reckoning does not harmonize with scripture as it relates to passover and the exodus. It seems we agree that the biblical day is from even to even, not from sunrise.

    So maybe you can clarify what the point is you are attempting to make.

    It also appears you may be in disagreement as to the timing of Pentecost as set forth on my blog. Scripture clearly shows that Pentecost is on the last shabbat of the 4th month, not in the 3rd month as has been traditionally understood. See chart of pentecost chronology here;

    Please feel free to set forth your positions and conclusions where you don't see agreement, along with you documentation to support your positions and conclusions.