Friday, October 15, 2010

Fasting and the Day of Atonement: It May Not Be What You Think!

If you believe fasting from food is the only command regarding the Day of Atonement, the linked study will open your eyes. Yahuwah desires so much more for us. As the Day of Atonement draws closer this year, I anticipate learning more about what Yahuwah desires for us in our relationship with Him. He is ever faithful to bring new insights when I am open and receptive to them.
Over the last couple of days, He has brought a study before me that caused me to reexamine my preconceived ideas and opinions of what I thought was meant by the Day of Atonement and particularly fasting on that day, which scripture appears to command. I quickly learned it was not what is presented and what I thought at all. In addition to overturning my thinking and believing, it is about so much more.

If you desire to be in closer relationship to Him, and desire to do His will, then this linked study (pdf download) is a must read.

Be blessed.

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