Monday, October 25, 2010

The Moon and The Pleiades Sail Together Through the Starry Night

The Moon and the Pleiades sailed across the night sky all night last night, Oct 24, from moon rise to moon set. The moon lead the procession only slightly and they were separated by only 2-3 degrees or so, as they traveled from the eastern horizon to the west horizon.

They can be seen in close company again tonight, October 25, as the Pleiades leads the way, but they will be separated by about 7 degrees.

After tonight, they distance themselves from each other and won't be seen together in very close company until spring of next year at the beginning month of the biblical year. 

Here's an image from the Stellarium Astronomy program programmed for the night of October 25 shown from Apalachicola, Florida. You can download Stellarium from

Download Stellarium at

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