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What About the Level Horned Crescent Theory?

What About the Beginning of Yahuwah’s Biblical Year

Is the Level Horned Crescent seen in the northern hemisphere the sign for the whole world for the beginning of the biblical year?

The Level Horned Crescent Theory

There is a theory circulating among some of those seeking the truth of Yahuwah, that the level horned crescent is the signal for the beginning of the biblical year in the spring. Is the level horned crescent the signal, and is it the truth? Let’s examine a little further.

What Causes the Level Horned Crescent?

In the northern hemisphere, in the latitudes that most of the populace resides, there is a point at which the days and nights become of approximate equal length. This point is generally around latitude 35 deg North or so. Above or below this latitude, the lengths of day and night will fluctuate by some minutes and hours, and eventually days.

Around this latitude of 35 deg North, March 16 is the day that the days and nights are about the same in length. This is the day that the first visible crescent (if it were seen on this day) would appear almost perfectly horizontal or level, with both horns pointing up. The equal day and night formula is the only thing that causes the horned crescent to appear level, meaning that the sun is directly under the moon at sunset. If the visible crescent moon were to appear on March 16, directly over the setting sun, it would for all intent and purpose, be exactly horizontal or level.

What does the Level Horned Crescent mean?

The only reason that this sign is taken to mean something, is that it generally coincides with the new moon nearest the vernal equinox, usually March 21/22. (This reckoning, nearest the vernal equinox, is used by many to determine the beginning of the year on Yahuwah’s calendar, but is it the correct method?)  It is not the proximity to the equinox that causes the moon to appear level or horizontal. It is the proximity to the day when the when the length of the day and night are equal, around March 16 at latitude 35 deg North.

Testing the theory by changing latitudes

What happens in the southern hemisphere when we have the beginning of the biblical year in spring in the northern hemisphere? Is the signal of the level horned crescent the same “down under?”

Since I reside in the USA and generally have my focus there, lets look at a latitude in the southern hemisphere that generally corresponds with my longitude. I chose Santiago, Chile, which is only generally similar in longitude, but more closely related in latitude, since it is located at 33 deg South approx. This puts it about the same position in the southern hemisphere corresponding to my latitude in the northern hemisphere. (Although I am actually just north of 29 deg North in Apalachicola Florida)

But the question is, what is happening in Santiago when we are having spring? If you remember your science from high school, you’ll remember that Santiago, i.e. the southern hemisphere, is experiencing the shifting into the fall season, as we are entering into the spring season. So what does this do to the theory of the level horned crescent.

Spring in northern hemisphere; fall in southern hemisphere
Santiago Chile March 18 2010

Here’s an image from the astronomy program Stellarium, a free download from

As you can see, when we are entering the spring in the northern hemisphere and see a level horned crescent here, it is not the same in the southern hemisphere. In the fall in the southern hemisphere, the visible crescent at the new moon appears as it does in the 7th month in the northern hemisphere. The only difference is that it is a “MIRROR IMAGE,” appearing in the reverse image of what it appears here in the 7th month. You can tell as the moon is illuminated from the opposite side that it is in the northern hemisphere.
Fall in southern hemisphere; spring in northern hemisphere
Santiago, Chile Sep 9 2010

In the fall in the southern hemisphere, the visible crescent nearest the autumnal equinox appears as a level horned crescent, similar to how it appears in the spring in the northern hemisphere.

Is the “level horned crescent” the signal for the beginning of Yahuwah’s biblical year for the WHOLE world?

Given the variations and appearances in the astronomy between the northern and southern hemisphere, and the opposing scenarios of the visible crescent moon, the question has to be asked;

Is the visible crescent moon, nearest the vernal equinox, in the northern hemisphere, appearing as a level horned crescent, the signal for the WHOLE world to begin the biblical year as Yahuwah ordained?

Personally, I don’t believe this is the sign, but I will leave that for you to decide.

And here’s one more question for you to ponder. Does the biblical year begin in the southern hemisphere when we begin it in the northern hemisphere? Or does it begin in their spring? This question rises of course, because the level horned crescent sign is not the same for them.

Please feel free to email me with comments, feedback or questions.

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